Murder Mystery Nights at Lindeth Howe

Murder Mystery Nights at Lindeth Howe

Do you always know who did it when you watch Midsummer Murders? Do you think of yourself as a real-life Jessica Fletcher? Do you watch CSI and know the answer to the question 'What would Mac Do'?

When it comes to family game night, do you always suggest Cluedo? If you answered yes to any of the above, we have just the break for you!

Need a little mystery with your meal? Then After Dark’s criminal cabarets are the perfect solution. You’re invited to an evening of comedy and murder as you witness the scenes of evidence come to life and the mystery unfold around your dining table. Interrogate the suspects as you dine and play detective in order to solve this dastardly crime. Will you discover which of these larger than life characters committed the deadly deed?

Each mystery has its own unique set pieces and plot, you can expect the unexpected as After Dark presents an evening of entertainment the likes of which you have never seen before.

Our murder mystery nights are run by the amazingly talented After Dark Entertainments and are not to be missed, they sell out quickly and so we have gotten ahead of the game and booked all our dates in for 2019!

Tickets are available for £39.00 per person and include a night of Entertainment and a 3-course meal.

If you want to stay over we some amazing deals on so you can have a glass or two of wine to celebrate your win! With the entertainment, the meal, breakfast the following morning and nights stay from only £105 per person, it really is the perfect getaway,

To book just call the hotel, or visit our 'Book Now' page and enter the dates of the event you would like to attend, simple.... or some may say 'Elementary' 

You can check availability for the different events below or simply call us on: +44 (0) 15394 45759.

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25th April 2019 - Von Trapp Family Murder

The Hills may be alive but the Baroness is dead and it’s up to you to solve a problem like a murder. Was it a villainous Von Trapp or a Nefarious Nun who committed the crime?

You’ll have to climb every mountain and ford every stream to find the clues to catch the killer before it’s time to say So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

23rd May 2019 - The Carry on Casualty Crime

Ask us for a double entendre and we'll give you one!

Is there a doctor in the house? Matron wants to get wooed and Sir Bernard can see her predicament. Dr Killmore has sore misgivings and Nurse Bell is determined to check his testimonials. It’s all going on at Finisham Hospital and things are about to get even more complicated as a patient’s death turns into a murder investigation.

You might have a chance at solving this crime if everyone would just stop messing about!

5th September 2019 - The Clouseau Crime Caper

The police are faced with the crime of the century! A missing diamond and a dead body. They need the greatest detective in the land….. unfortunately he’s not available, so they’ve ended up with Clouseau instead! Can you match wits with the inimitable inspector and end up in the pink? Or will you end up on Dreyfus’ hit list? Of course, it won't be easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. That is why Clouseau has always failed where others have succeeded….

31st October 2019 - Carry on Haunting! - Our Halloween Spooktacular


It's time to watch out for things that get bumped off in the night! A new heir has arrived at the House on Hammer Hill to claim his inheritance but he’s about to get more than he bargained for. There are ghosties and ghoulies in the mansion and he doesn’t want to get grabbed by either! Will he survive the night or will one of the family decide to split heirs before the evening is over? Will you have a ghost of a chance of solving the crime?

14th November 2019 - Murder at Gatsby Manor

Welcome to The Gatsby Mansion on Long Island. The Year is 1922.  Wall Street is booming with a steady golden roar.  The parties are bigger, the shows are broader, the buildings are higher, the models are looser and the liquor is cheaper.  But the cracks are starting to show in the lavish lifestyles of the nouveau riche and someone’s decision not to be a sport as the green light is lit for murder.  Can you solve the crime or is the best you can hope to be a beautiful little fool?

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