Our Garden September 2018

Our Garden September 2018

Lindeth Howe Garden


This week in the garden the focus has been on the B’s

A pair of Buzzards have been circling overhead, their ‘Peee-Uuuuu’ cries echoing through the air.

Despite their presence birdlife flourishes in the garden. Plump wood pigeons peck away on the lawn, Jays scream through the air, crows cackle in the Pines and gangs of blue tits flit through the Rhododendrons and play in the Buddleia.

The purple heads of the Buddleia nod in the breeze and are still attracting wandering bees, Painted Lady and Emperor Butterflies. It’s a constant job cutting away the dead heads, but well worth it; relieved of the dead weight the elastic branches spring gratefully back up once more.

In the garden borders the blackberries have been plucked, their thick tough brambles cut back, and over-enthusiastic vines trimmed.  

And the harvest of sweetcorn, radishes and carrots has been gathered in from the raised garden beds. But, the garden never sleeps, there is still life as the broad bean buds are now bursting through the soil. 

See you in the garden!

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