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假期和休息已经采取了自罗马时代之前湖区(Lake District), 由于其美丽的风景和伟大的文学和文化遗产. 湖区拥有众多的参观和探索的地方,所以总是会有各种各样的活动参加, 作家比阿特丽克斯·波特(Beatrix Potter)和华兹华斯的连接, 风景如画的村庄和壮观的景色. Whether you choose to visit in winter or summer, 秋季或春季, 您将能够探索和欣赏美丽的风景和不断变化的颜色随季节. 繁忙的现代生活完美的解药.

湖区最美丽的地方之一,在英国访问, 高峰和令人眼花缭乱的湖泊, 有这么多的看到,. Lindeth豪坐落在国家公园的心脏地带,可俯瞰在全国最大的湖泊, 温德米尔湖(Lake Windermere). 客人可以坐在阳光露台上享用下午茶或一杯葡萄酒,并津津乐道于湖国家所提供的. 温德米尔的Bowness-on, 通常被称为湖区的心脏, 只有很短的步行路程. 在这里,您可以享受许多景点和商店,或乘坐游船横跨温德米尔湖(Lake Windermere)其他流行的地区,如Hawkeshead, Ambleside和湖滨.


The first settlers came to the lake district in around 3000BC to hunt and to farm and by the time the Romans arrived the area was extensively farmed by Celtic tribes. The Romans built a villa on Belle Isle and a fortGalavawhose remains can still be seen at Ambleside.

The 10th century saw Norsemen farming the Lake District and many places are of Norse origin including Windermere from Vinandermere or Vinanders Lake, also Bowness from Bull Ness, the place where the village bull was kept.

Bowness is an old village. There has been a church there since 1203, and it was the port of the lake, the predominant industry being Char fishing. Windermere however is a modern village. Prior to the building of the Oxenholme to Windermere railway in 1847, it was known as Birthwaite and originally was no more than half a dozen dwellings around a farm.

The building of the railway brought a radical change, opening up the area to a flood of tourists. Shops and hotels were built, many of which still stand today.

Travel within the area was then by boat or horse and carriage. 在 1855 21,000 carriages passed through the village of Troutbeck Bridge, just north of Windermere.

The village has changed greatly over the last 100 years, especially with the arrival of the motor car, and is now a thriving tourist centre offering superb attractions and facilities for the visitor.

The Lake.

Windermere is ten and a half miles long and up to 200 ft deep in places. The bed of the lake is owned by South Lakeland District Council, having been presented to Windermere Urban District Council by H.L Groves high sheriff of Westmorland in 1939. The water is owned by United Utilities who extract many gallons each day for use in the industrial cities of Lancashire.

There has been a ferry service across the lake for possibly as long as 500 years, the change from steam power coming in 1870. Flying boats have taken off from the lake, the first in 1911, and during the second world war Sunderland flying boats were built at White Cross Bay.


Pictured Below – Rydal Water in the Winter.

Rydal Water