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भोजन कक्ष नवीकरण अद्यतन… 

General Manager starts the refurbishment of the Dining Room 

Just to update you, भोजन कक्ष की दीवारों को लाइन में खड़ा कर रहे हैं, छत और लकड़ी काट दिया जा रहा है वॉलपेपर के लिए तैयार चित्रित है. फिंगर्स सज्जाकार आज wallpapering शुरू होगा पार कर गया. नए संगीत / PA system is being installed as we speak.  The bar has been sanded down and sprayed so we are looking forward to a brand new look.

I have uploaded some photos so you can all see the progress we are making here at the hotel.

Keep watching and I will keep you updated on the refurbishment, but you will need to come and visit when we re-open to see the finished result.


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