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News & Views

I’m Back!!! 

Good Morning All,

I have returned to work from my maternity leave today and the hotel and gardens are looking spectacular.  It feels like we are going to have a lovely week so it would be lovely to see you.

Over the past few months the hotel has been busy and we have new menus recently throughout including Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Teas, Light Bites, Room Service, Dinner, and Wine List which I look forward to tasting over the next couple of weeks.

Its all exciting here at Lindeth Howe and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Take Care,






National Cupcake Week 

Cupcakes at Lindeth Howe

Filling Cases with Cake!

Beatrix Potter cupcakes, inspired by the favourite food treats of her characters, will be popping up at the hotel during National Cupcake Week and filling lots of cases.

Our talented team of chefs in the 2AA red rosette kitchen have devised fantastic flavours for little cakey treats that will make the mouth water. All are taken from the hints given in the pages of Miss Potter’s Tales, two of which she penned and illustrated from the property.

Cupcakes available from September 15-21, to celebrate National Cupcake Week, will be themed to suit the palates of Peter Rabbit (carrot cake), Squirrel Nutkin (hazelnut), Mrs Tittlemouse (cherry and almond) and Pigling Bland (chocolate and peppermint).

As The Tale of Pigling Bland was written at Lindeth Howe, the hotel expects the chocolate and peppermint cupcakes to be its best seller, particularly amongst departing guests wishing to pop some in their case. The little pig, Pigling Bland, was rather fond of peppermints and was sent off to market with eight conversation peppermints wrapped in paper that carried ‘appropriate moral sentiments’.

All four flavours will be sold in the hotel and on the menu for residents and non-residents dropping in for coffee or afternoon tea. They will also be on offer as a take-out treat, for anyone wishing to order and pick them up to take home. The cupcakes will cost £1.75 each or £2.50 gift boxed.

Congratulations news to our General Manager and her family on their new arrival. 

We are proud to announce the birth of Samuel John Christopher Barker who was born on Tuesday 25th February 2014 at 12.20am weighing 7lb 1oz at Furness General Hospital to Alison and Graham.  Sarah Jane is going to enjoy being a big sister to Samuel.

Congratulations News at Lindeth Howe !!! 


We are thrilled to bits to announce Sunil and Nickeisha are proud parents and the safe arrival of Nickel Burke who was born on 9th January 2014 at 12.11am weighing 6lb 11oz. Both Nickeisha and Nickel are doing fine. We wish them all the very best at this wonderful time and I am sure Sadiki will make a fabulous big brother.

Many congratulations to the family and I am sure you will all agree Nickel looks just like his father!!

Bathroom Refurbishment 

वाह, we have been really busy refurbishing and upgrading some of our bathrooms at the hotel over the past few weeks. We have finished nine bathrooms and changed our ground floor disabled bathroom into a beautiful new wet room and we are really proud of all the work which has been completed.

Corridors refurbishment 

Its all looking fresh and fabulous here. David and Jamie Parkinson the decorators are working extremely well and nearly completed ready for the Christmas decorations due to go up on 2nd December. We will complete the staircase whilst the hotel is closed in the first week of January.

All the historical pictures have been mounted and framed and hung on the walls and it certainly brings a new look into the hotel.

Lindeth होवे पर शादी का लाइसेंस 

हम तो हम आप आगे उन्होंने लिखा था, जहां प्रसिद्ध बच्चों के लेखक Beatrix पॉटर प्रेरित जो सबसे शानदार स्थल पर शादी कर अपने जीवन का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण दिन का आनंद सकता है इस दिन से तो Lindeth होवे पर हमारी शादी लाइसेंस प्राप्त किया है की घोषणा करने के लिए खुश हैं और अधिक »

नरम फेयरी केक प्रतियोगिता सुअर का बच्चा 

विजेताओं को एक रोमांचक दोपहर मार्क और मैं Lindeth होवे कंट्री हाउस होटल के वार्षिक फेयरी केक प्रतियोगिता में केक जादू बनाने के लिए सभी उम्र के इच्छुक bakers की विशेषज्ञता का आनंद ले रहा था क्या घेंटला नरम फेयरी केक प्रतियोगिता वाह पर जादू बनाएँ 2013, यह सुनिश्चित करना कि Beatrix पॉटर चरित्र के 100 वें जन्मदिन समारोह, सुअर का बच्चा नरम जारी रखा और अधिक »

Spring has Sprung at our Windermere Hotel 

Hi All,

Well the weather here is gorgeous, spring has sprung and the sun is shining bright. The buds are showing on the magnolia tree and we are about to celebrate the launch of Pigling Bland’s centenary year by holding our very own book launch on Thursday 7th March when Beatrix Potter aka Judith Notley will be reading the story of Pigling Bland to local school and nursery children whilst enjoying a sumptuous Lindeth Howe Afternoon Tea at our Windermere Hotel. Watch out for Pigling Bland’s blog as he enjoys his centenary year.

We are also celebrating Mother’s Day later this week with a special price for that special lady in your life to enjoy a real treat of a gourmet 5 course dinner, bed and breakfast on Sunday 10th March 2013.

Kindest सादर,


2 ए.ए. रोसेट रेस्तरां नवीकरण अद्यतन 2 

वाह, हमने यह किया!!!!!

भोजन कक्ष खुला है और मेहमान हमारे में भोजन कर रहे हैं 2 ए.ए. थाली रेस्तरां के रूप में हम बात.

वॉलपेपर, पर्दे(उबले), तस्वीरें, दर्पण के सभी कर रहे हैं और हम वास्तव में अंतिम परिणाम के साथ खुश हैं चौंकाने वाली लग रही. नई कुर्सियों कल आ गया और हम अभी भी जोड़ने के लिए कुछ अंतिम है, लेकिन अंतिम परिणाम बहुत अच्छा है.

मैं डीएच पार्किंसंस सज्जाकार के लिए कड़ी मेहनत कर टीम का शुक्रिया अदा कर सकते हैं, डेव वुड्स बिजली, एसएपी ध्वनि प्रणाली इंजीनियरों, केंडल गुणवत्ता कालीन फिटर, पूर्ण सप्टक आगे और पीछे पियानो बढ़ने के लिए सज्जनों, उत्तरी लाइट्स सना हुआ ग्लास, स्टीव से Westmorland फर्नीचर कंपनी और मॉरीन & उसे टीम से Whitemore & Thwaytes आंतरिक डिजाइन जो डिजाइन और फिर से बनाया पर्दे के साथ आया. लेकिन और इसकी एक बड़ी लेकिन – सभी के अधिकांश मैं शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहूँगा“Lindeth होवे” यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए सभी रोकता बाहर खींच लिया है जो मेहनती टीम हम आने के लिए पहली मेहमानों के लिए तैयार खोलने के लिए तैयार थे.

मैं अब देखने के लिए आप सभी के लिए कुछ टाइस्टर फोटो है, लेकिन जब तुम आ मैं देखने के लिए अपने सभी के लिए समाप्त परिणामों छोड़ देंगे.

हम जल्द ही आप सभी को देखने के लिए तत्पर.

Kindest सादर,


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