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Beatrix Potter history returns to Lake District luxury hotel 

Beatrix Potter history returns to Lake District luxury hotel.

We have had an exciting few days at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel as two grandchildren of Annie Moore (nee Carter) who was the last of Beatrix Potter’s governesses and their husband and wife stayed for three nights enjoying the wonderful surroundings of the home once owned by Beatrix Potter.

B.Potter governess grandchildren

Pictured above Richard (Annie Carter’s grandson), Michael (Carolyn’s Husband), Alison (Lindeth Howe General Manager) Carolyn (Annie Carter’s granddaughter),  June (Richard’s Wife) in the Sitting Room at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, Bowness on Windermere.

En 1883 Annie Carter (âge 19) was engaged as governess and companion for 16yr old Beatrix, to teach Beatrix German.  Miss Carter was a revelation to Beatrix, she was similar in age but Annie Carter had far more life experience, after all she had lived in Germany as a student and had already been earning her own money before she was employed by the Potter family.

En 1885, Annie Carter left her employment to marry Edwin Moore.  When Miss Carter left, Beatrix wrote in her journalI have liked my last governess best on the wholeMiss Carter had her faults, and was one of the youngest people I have ever seen, but she was very good tempered and intelligent.

Two years later Annie gave birth to Noel Moore on Christmas Eve, the first child of their 8 children.  Beatrix and Annie remained close friends, so much so Beatrix sent picture letters to her children and this is where her famous stories began.

Annie’s husband Edwin Moore was a self-taught civil engineer and his job took him away from home for long periods, so the ever growing Moore family was no easy task for Annie who took on the full responsibility of all her children.  By the time Noel was four, he already had a brother Eric and two sisters Marjorie and Winifred (Freda).  A further four girls would complete the eight children Norah (Bardy), Joan, Hilda and Beatrix.

Beatrix knew of Annie’s children from birth and followed with interest their progress.  When they were ill or when Beatrix was away from London she sent them letters full of accounts of what she had been doing, usually illustrated by quick pen sketches and when she didn’t have any news to report she sent them stories by letters.

In September 1893, at 5 years old Noel Moore contracted chickenpox and Beatrix Potter sent him a story of her pet rabbit, Peter.  A day after she sent the letter to Noel, Beatrix sent a picture letter to his brother Edwin Moore which was about a ‘frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisherin the same month.

Beatrix tells story of Squirrel Nutkin in picture letter to eight-year-old Norah Moore in September 1901.  It was Annie who later suggested to Beatrix that perhaps her letters might make good books.

Beatrix had no children of her own, she was forty seven when she married William Heelis, but she dedicated fourteen of her books to children.

Carolyn Handcock and Richard Thwaites the two grandchildren who stayed at Lindeth Howe this weekend visited Hilltop and they found two miniature pictures in the doll’s house. One of the pictures were of Hilda their mother and the other was of their Auntie Beatrix. The pictures were painted in miniature by Rosie Carter, Annie Carter’s older sister. Amazingly enough they didn’t know how Beatrix Potter had gained them.  Beatrix Potter had purchased the doll’s house from Rebecca Owen, an American eccentric whose passion was Mussolini. Rebecca lived near to Beatrix until she decided to sell up and follow Mussolini to Italy and this is when Beatrix bought the doll’s house which is situated in Hilltop today.

2015-05-16 005

 Hilda miniature from the doll’s house at Hill Top Cottage.
2015-05-16 006

 Beatrix miniature from the doll’s house at Hill top Cottage.

One of the pictures were of Hilda their mother and the other was of their Auntie Beatrix. The pictures were painted in miniature by Rosie Carter, Annie Carter’s older sister. Amazingly enough they didn’t know how Beatrix Potter had gained them.  It is still a bit of a mystery as to how the miniatures got into the doll’s house at Hill Top, but at least we can now attribute them to Rosie Carter as they are all initialled in red “ R.C.”   I understand that since their stay here Carolyn and her husband Michael have heard from Sven Hammerling (Beatrix’s son ) that he believes they were specifically painted for the Beatrix Potter Doll’s house.

Rosie Carter was a miniature artist and Carolyn has one of her Auntie’s miniature paintings below of her mother Hilda.

HILDA MOORE 2015-05-19 003

This is a miniature which Carolyn and Michael have at home of Hilda Thwaites (Nee Moore ) painted by Rose Carter. Her initials can just be seen “R C “ in red, bottom left hand side of picture.

2015-05-16 007

Michael (Carolyn’s Husband) Carolyn, Richard, June (Richard’s Wife) at Hill Top

2015-05-16 003

Carolyn and her brother Richard (Grandchildren of Annie Moore)

2015-05-11 001 (2)

The clock above was given to Carolyn by Marjorie Moore who said that she had received it from her Mother;( Annie Moore (nee Carter), which had been a wedding present from Beatrix and family to Annie Carter when she married Edwin Moore.

Annie Morris Snip and Cut

Above is Annie Moore in her later years at home and you may see above her is a picture of the Lake District.

Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated two of her books at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel.  She wrote Timmy Tiptoes in 1911 and Pigling Bland in 1913.  It is remarkable that her grandchildren whilst staying here remember their Aunts and Uncles allowing them to play with miniature books in a very small bag which was from Beatrix Potter and also what they assumed was used when she illustrated ………………….

It is an honour and a privilege to work at such a lovely luxury hotel in Bowness on Windermere which is steeped in history.  We have a strong connection with Beatrix Potter and the history that surrounds her.  We find it amazing when you meet family members who are able to piece information together which answers lots of questions either here at Lindeth Howe or the national trust properties which our guests visit to follow in the footsteps of their relatives.

May I thank Mr & Mrs Handcock and Mr & Mrs Thwaites for their time and historical information given to me whilst staying at Lindeth Howe this weekend and sending me a copy of their pictures.  I would also like to thank Hilltop Farm and the National Trust

You can follow in the footsteps of the grandchildren of Annie Carter or enjoy a Beatrix Potter experience by booking direct on 015394 45759 or online.

For more information about Beatrix Potter’s history see

Its a Girl 


Its a Girl!

We are thrilled to bits to announce the safe arrival of Adrian and Helen’s baby daughter Matilda Erin Fenton, arriving on 17th March 2015 at 3.10am weighing 8lb 3oz.

I am sure you will join us to send our very best wishes and many congratulations to Adrian, Helen and Elijah on their new family member.

Twitter followers are in for a treat 

Lindeth Howe re-opens.

We are so excited about opening our doors to all our guests today and our Zebra Finches are loving their new home in the Summer House that we are asking all our guests to follows us on Twitter for a surprise.  Twitter followers are in for a treat.  Follow us @LindethHowe.

Hope to see you soon.



Renovations Day 11 

Today is Renovations Day 11 and tomorrow we are re-opening.  Its so exciting, the floor in the foyer is perfectly polished, the carpets have been laid and all the builders have completed their work for now.  We cannot wait to show you what a wonderful transformation we have at the hotel.  The landscapers will continue outside plus »

Renovations Day 10 

We are now only two days to go to re-opening and on Renovations Day 10 the cloakroom cupboards are in and painted, the library doors are stained and the carpet is fitted and we are ready for the big clean starting tomorrow.  The easy access rooms are continuing along with the landscaping of the front plus »

Renovations Day 9 

Renovations Day 9 the builders have moved out of the foyer to the easy access rooms and the landscapers are soldiering on in the wonderful weather we are having.  There is still a lot to do but we have a hardy team ready to get the hotel re-opened for Friday. Book now and come and plus »

Renovations Day 8 

  We are on Renovations Day 8 and we started off with a very wet and very windy day, but the day got better and our hardy builders and landscapers got on with our intense timetable to ensure we open on time on Friday 16th January 2015. The paving has started to be placed at the plus »

Renovations Day 7 

Wow its all coming together.  We are now on Renovations Day 7 and the entrance wall is nearly complete.  The cloakroom cupboards are now installed and the flooring is now complete.  Finishing touches need to be made inside before the decorating starts and then the big clean begins. We are re-opening on 16th January and we plus »

Renovations Day 6 

They are all working hard and on Renovations Day 6 the joiner is here perfecting his work and the cloakroom doors are about to be fitted.  Its Saturday and improvements are being made each day.  We are opening on 16th January 2015 and the renovation work is looking fabulous.

Renovations Day 5 

Its a little wild and windy out there today, but it hasn’t stopped our hardy landscapers and builders are achieving their goals and objectives for the day. It is now Renovations Day 5 and we are re-opening in just seven days time and we look like we are on schedule, touch wood.  The walls outside plus »

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