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100th Birthday Celebration 

Hi everyone, my name is Pigling Bland™ and I’ve got a really exciting year ahead of me, as I may not look it, but I am 100 years old this year (oink oink!).

I was ‘born’ at Lindeth Howe, when my creator’s mother lived there. My creator was a very clever lady called Beatrix Potter, who owned Lindeth Howe and who wrote about me and drew illustrations of me from the house. These then featured in her ‘Tale of Pigling Bland’™ which celebrates its centenary this year, giving me my 100th birthday Celebration !

While I’ve been snuffling around the house over the last few days, tiptoeing on my trotters (looking for truffles that the executive chef, Marc Guibert, might have hidden somewhere), I’ve been hearing news of a birthday party that the hotel is throwing for me (but don’t tell anyone that I know about it, as it’s meant to be a surprise!).

I believe that the children of Goodly Dale Primary School in Windermere and Little Rascals Nursery in Troutbeck are going to arrive here at 1pm on Thursday March 7 (World Book Day) to have a big tea party with me. My centenary book will also be here on show and there will be a lady dressed up as Beatrix Potter! I’m beside myself with excitement (oink oink!).

Even better news is that the hotel is going to be selling lots of toys just like me and if a family or person takes me on their travels, and shows the hotel where they’ve been, Lindeth Howe will donate 1 penny per mile of their trip to Nurture Lakeland, which helps fund projects to conserve the Lake District landscape (a trip can only count once though!).

Imagine that! Little old me a globetrotter! When I ran away from that greedy farmer in my book, I never imagined that this would happen!

I can’t wait for Thursday to arrive now (oink oink) and to make sure that all those children have a great time here. I might even invite my friend Timmy Tiptoes along, as he was born here too, but is a couple of years older than I am!

I’ll keep you posted as to how it all went. In the meantime, if you visit Lindeth Howe and spot any truffles, please let me know! A pig can get a little bit hungry you know!

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